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Real Simple:
Yes, I'm Perfectly Happy Without Kids

The Nib (comic): 
Childfree is a Legitimate Choice, co-created with Allyson Shwed (Bonus: Hear it read aloud here)

The Outrage Against Childfree Women Is Real — And Needs To Stop

Sexless in the City: The Truth About Adult Virgins
Inside the Mind of Elizabeth Raine, the Latest Woman to Auction Her Virginity on the Internet
The Misunderstood History of Incel

Ms. Magazine
I Watched 50 Shades of Grey So You Don't Have To

How To Lose Your Virginity
Lies My Bloody Sheets Told Me
Women Feel Less Guilty About Sex, But Is That the Conversation We Need to Be Having? 
On the Lies We Tell Young Men About Sex

Women & Hollywood
“Seven Things Glee Gets Wrong About the First Time”

Adios Barbie:
“Boys and Sex: Why Are They Waiting Longer for Their First Time?”
“Regenerating Hymens and Bloody Sheets: What’s Really Going On Down There?”

Talking Points Memo:
Virginity Merchants Profit From Defining Women By Their Vaginas

Chicago Tribune:
“Real women belong on film”
Sundance Journal 2003
Sundance Journal 2001
“SARS? What SARS?”

Bitch Magazine Blog:
Rave On Book Review: “Woman: An Intimate Geography” by Natalie Angier

Tribeca Films Blog:
Virginity in Movies

Girl With Pen:
Was thirtysomething sexist or something?

Film Independent Magazine:
Sundance Journal 2008

Skirt Magazine:
“Is There a Right Way to Lose Your Virginity?

Personal Writing:
Sundance Journal 2007
Sundance Journal 2005
Sundance Journal 2004
Sundance Journal 2002