“I learned so much and felt validated in many of my private feelings. What a gift that is!"
— Karen, Audience member

“Having Therese visit my Human Sexuality class was a great experience for my students, and her perspective gave a depth to the conversation that I never would have been able to provide on my own."
–Bronwen Pardes, LaGuardia College

"RISD students loved hearing from an artist who understands the power of being an image-maker and uses that power to bring insight to significant social issues."
— Rhode Island School of Design

“Therese helped us dispel notions about virginity and challenged us to think about our beliefs in an interesting and inclusive way." 
Harvard Sex Week organizers

"Everything Therese said is so important for the NYU community to hear, but especially for our WYSE mentors as we navigate the sex ed world with our middle school girls. Her passion for what she does is so obvious, and we feel lucky that we got to share in that with her!
– WYSE, New York University

Screenings & Workshops

With her signature first-person style, Therese fosters engaging and open conversations about sexuality, using virginity myths to connect the dots on topics including slut-shaming, toxic masculinity, purity culture and sexual assault. 

Previous events hosted by: MIT, RISD, Penn State, Yale, Duke, Harvard, NYU, Ohio University, Eastern Washington University, University of the South, Planned Parenthood and The Center for Sex and Culture among many others.

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Screenings include the rental of the film, and an introduction and post-film Q&A or moderated conversation with the director.

Want to screen the film on your own? A DIY Screening Tool Kit is also available (see below)

How To Lose Your Virginity: 
67-minute film plus post-film discussion

I Was A Teenage Feminist:  
62-minute film plus post-film discussion



These events can be presented in time slots of 20-90 minutes. Ask us about tailoring the length and content for your group.

"How To Lose Your Virginity (Myths): A new conversation on female sexuality"
Does the hymen matter? Is the penis magical? Does virginity have anything to do with sex? Take an eye-opening journey to examine the mythology, meaning and misogyny of this so-called precious gift. We'll talk about how virginity has been viewed through history–and how that has influenced everything from how we talk about female desire to sexual assault, slut-shaming and queer first-time narratives. This presentation includes clips from the documentary How To Lose Your Virginity.

"Writing Your Sexual History (even if you don't think you have one)"
Based on the personal storytelling of our interactive The V-Card Diaries project, this guided workshop allows participants to consider their first sexual milestones in a new way. After comparing society's definition of virginity loss to our lived experience of first important milestones, we break into smaller groups for discussion and a personal writing exercise. All storytelling is anonymous, and the workshop is also appropriate for participants with no sexual experience.



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How To Lose Your Virginity
I Was A Teenage Feminist

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How To Lose Your Virginity
I Was A Teenage Feminist

Order V-Cards for your group here. Subvert the narrow and outdated definition of virginity, and decide which sexual milestones really matter. It’s the top giveaway at every event we do!