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"How To Lose Your Virginity"
Therese's latest film is now available for streaming, home DVD, as well as for colleges, libraries and organizations. 

"How I Learned to Speak Turkish"
This twisted travelogue about Turkish men, female power and the pursuit of a US visa is now available to stream

I Was A Teenage Feminist
Now available to stream outside the US and Canada!

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Dec 5, Valhalla NY
To Consent Or Not To Consent
Therese is doing the opening keynote and screening of How To Lose Your Virginity for this two-day conference created by WestCop Victims Assistance Services in partnership with New York Medical College and Westchester Institute for Human Development.

Past 2016 Events

April 15, New York NY
New York University
As part of WYSE's 'Let's Talk About Sex' program, Therese will be leading a workshop on The V-Card Diaries and writing about your own sexual debuts or deferrals.

May 6, Burlington VT
Main Street Landing Film House
60 Lake Street, 3rd floor
Screening of How To Lose Your Virginity presented in partnership by the Lund Family Center & Planned Parenthood of New England

Invite the Filmmaker
Host your own screening

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Interviewed by Vice Magazine to attempt to answer the question "Why Are Virginity Auctions Still a Thing?"

The Chicago Reader writes about How To Lose Your Virginity prior to its Chicago premiere.

She Knows: Ask A Raging Feminist "If I'd only known this about sex earlier: 10 women speak out"

OLDIE BUT GOODIE: I wrote about 50 Shades of Grey for the Ms Blog: "I Watched 50 Shades of Grey So You Don't Have To"

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