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"How To Lose Your Virginity"
Therese's latest film is now available for streaming, home DVD, as well as for colleges, libraries and organizations. 

"How I Learned to Speak Turkish"
This twisted travelogue about Turkish men, female power and the pursuit of a US visa is now available to stream

I Was A Teenage Feminist
Now available to stream outside the US and Canada!

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MY SO-CALLED SELFISH LIFE: A documentary about choosing not to have kids in a culture where motherhood feels mandatory

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Jaclyn Friedman and I have a raunchy talk about All Things Virginity on her Unscrewed Podcast

With Amy Blackstone, I co-wrote The Outrage Against Childfree Women Is Real — And Needs To Stop for Bust Magazine online.

Interviewed by Vice Magazine to attempt to answer the question "Why Are Virginity Auctions Still a Thing?"

The Chicago Reader writes about How To Lose Your Virginity prior to its Chicago premiere.

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