The V-Card Project

An interactive companion to the documentary How To Lose Your Virginity. Go to project.

This crowd-sourced interactive tool combines blogging, data visualization, and search engines where everyone can access and contribute stories about their sexual lives. This ongoing project tells a collective story about the universal experience of becoming sexual–and the radical act of speaking honestly about it.

Our users engage in a broad spectrum of sexual activity, and this site is particularly targeted to those with little to no experience, who report they feel ignored by most other online discussions about sex. In addition, a significant number of contributors are survivors of rape and tell their stories in this forum. By seeing how others tell their own stories, and sharing their own, our audience can see there’s no ‘right way’ to do sex. 

Watch the video below for a short tour. The project interface has been redesigned and enhanced since the video was produced. 


VIDEO: A Tour of "The V-Card Project"  Art + Tech + Sex Education       Go to interactive site


Sample Pages for The V-Card Diaries

Over 300 crowd-sourced long-form essays about ‘sexual debuts and deferrals’ in a unique interactive interface. This Beta-phase project was recently on exhibit at The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show. Click here to use it online 

Trying out The V-Card Diaries at The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show. This project was their first interactive piece. Go to Interactive Site.

Welcome page: Scrolling definitions of virginity contributed by users.

Search page: Search by theme of stories or by demographic details.

Story page: Each dot on the search page links you to the full story submitted.


Sample Pages for The Experience Engine

A simple mad-libs quiz-like app that crowd- sources live data, creates visualizations and allows users to track their sexual histories. This is in demo phase. Learn more   Go to demo site  Take the intake quiz.

The First page asks for demographic information and user's first significant sexual milestone.

One 'Before' questions asks for three words that describe how you think/thought your first experience would be.

The "During' page asks whether the user experienced orgasm, and you can toggle the dataviz between very different male, female, straight and gay responses.