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“Virginity is a powerful and malleable concept, as evidenced by the teenagers in Therese Shechter’s smart, funny and provoking documentary.”
Soraya Chemaly, Huffington Post


As an Expert 

On Sexuality & Virginity

Splinter: 'Unfuckable' Women Don't Go on Killing Sprees
The Daily Dot: Breaking the ‘precious gift’ myth of virginity auctions
Fusion: "Sex, lies, and women: The long and troubling history of faking"
Vice: Why are Virginity Auctions a Thing? 
New York Magazine "College Virgins are a Mostly-Silent Majority"
The Guardian "Female Viagra: still a tough pill to swallow? We asked experts"
Elle Magazine “Living In The Virginity Rut”
Mic "Lies We Have To Stop Telling About Virginity"
Fusion TV: Alicia Menendez Tonight
Fusion “Male Virgins Seek More Than Sex Online”
The Atlantic  “Living Myths About Virginity”
Salon “The trouble with virginity: What America’s sexual language leaves out” “The Shame of the Male Virgin”
Huffington Post “11 Things Everyone Should Know About Virginity Culture”
Q (CBC Radio) Therese Shechter is expert guest on virginity
Ottawa Today Therese Shechter is expert guest on incels and online misogyny and violence
Unscrewed with Jaclyn Friedman, "First Hump" a conversation about virginity.
The Globe and Mail (Canada) “Let’s talk about virginity: How women are owning their ‘sexual debut'”
The Globe and Mail (Canada) “Documentary examines the honour – and shame – of virginity”
The Jakarta Globe (Indonesia) “Wherever You’re From, A Call to Talk About Sex”
Macleans Magazine (Canada) “The black wedding gown backlash”
The Guardian (UK) “Virginity: how was it for you?”
Causette Magazine (France) “Quand Maman Lit du Porno (When Mother Reads Porno)” “What Is The Definition Of Virginity? There Isn’t One!”
The Gloss “8 Reactions to the Worst Virginity Myths, In GIFs”



On Childfree Issues

Ms. Magazine: The Ms. Q&A: Therese Shechter and Glynnis MacNicol on Being Child-Free by Choice and Changing the Conversation on Women’s Lives
Salon: Rejecting the mommy mandate: “Our culture made motherhood feel so inevitable”
Bust Magazine: This Documentary Explores The Lives Of Women Who Don't Want Kids
SBS (Australia) My 'selfish' life: What's the big deal about being a child-free woman?
Eco Salon: ‘My So-Called Selfish Life’ and the Conscious, Childfree Choice: #NowWhat
we're (not) having a baby: My So-Called Selfish Life: An Interview with Filmmaker Therese Shechter
Out of the Box Podcast: Episode 113 Therese Shechter - Is being child free for me?
Femme Sans Enfant: Therese Shechter et son film "My so-called selfish life"
Laura Carroll: On the Upcoming Documentary, My So-Called Selfish Life, by Therese Shechter
Hello Flo: It’s Not Just You: 4 Places To Find Other Childfree Women

On Feminism & Filmmaking

The Independent Magazine Anatomy of a Film: I Was A Teenage Feminist
The Independent Magazine Thirteen Ways of Looking at Sundance

On Sexuality & Virginity

BitchMedia "What if We Thought of Virginity as a Punch Card?"
BK Live: Interview with Therese Shechter and Lisa Esselstein
The Chicago Reader "Documentary will tell you How To Lose Your Virginity if you haven't figured it out already"
.Mic “Meet the Filmmaker Convincing America That Virginity Doesn’t Exist”
The Nerdist Podcast “Sex Nerd Sandra: Virgin: The Sexual Debutante”
KBOO Portland "Bread and Roses" Radio Show interview
Reproductive Health Reality Check: Realcast Podcast with Amanda Marcotte
Sex City (CIUT Radio) Therese Shechter on “How To Lose Your Virginity”
Sex Ed Radio The Virginity Episode
Fully Engaged Feminism Podcast “Episode 27 Losing Your Virginity”
Brown Girl Magazine “How To Lose Your Virginity”
Istanbul Art News Magazine “Bekaretiniz Kaybetmenin Yollari”
Daily Life (Australia) “How To Lose Your Virginity”
YNET (Israel) תעשיית הבתולין: 100 נשים מספרות על הפעם ה-1 (Virginity: 100 Women Talk About The First Time)
Gender, Sex and Politics: In The Streets and Between the Sheets in the 21st century (interview within book)
Spark Movement “How to Lose Your Virginity: an interview with Therese Shechter”
The Scarlet Orchid “How To Lose Your Virginity: An interview with Therese Shechter”
The Frisky Frisky Q&A: Therese Shechter, Director Of “How To Lose Your Virginity
Women & Hollywood (IndieWire): “DOC NYC Women Directors: Meet Therese Shechter”
POV Documentaries Blog “Film Anatomy: How to Lose Your Virginity”
Adios Barbie “Therese Shechter on Sexuality, Abstinence, and How to Lose your Virginity”
RH Reality Check “A Discussion With the Filmmakers of ‘How to Lose Your Virginity’ and ‘Subjectified’”
About: Sexuality, Cory Silverberg: How To Lose Your Virginity”
Fleshbot “Barely Legal, Virgin Porn, And “How To Lose Your Virginity” (NSFW website)

Reviews & Recommendations

“My So-Called Selfish Life”

Ravishly: Childfree Women Are Amazing: A Look At My So-Called Selfish Life

Downton Gabby

Ms Magazine "Downton Gabby's Bawdy Feminist Commentary"

“How To Lose Your Virginity”

Bustle: "How To Lose Your Virginity Documentary's "V-Card Diaries" Project Redefines What "Virginity" Means In An Absolutely Necessary Way"
Jezebel “New Documentary Explores WTF is Up with the Virginity Obsession”
Feministing “Film: How to Lose Your Virginity” 
Upworthy “Handpicked by Upworthy” series
Rookie Mag “Saturday Links!”
Bitch Magazine (Fall 2013, no link to story) “How To Lose Your Virginity” film review
The New York Observer “To Do Sunday: See Therese Shechter’s How to Lose Your Virginity
The College Fix “Sexual Revolution Tackles Virginity: Coming To A Campus Near You”
Lilth Magazine Blog “Losing My Virginity: Of Romance and Property Rights”
Tribeca Film Blog “How to Lose Your Virginity,’ Premiering at DOC NYC This Weekend”
Bitch Flicks “How to Lose Your Virginity or: How We Need to Rethink Sex”
Chicago Tribune "Documentary Examines Myths, Anxieties"
SF Gate “Virginity Obsession is the Focus of a New Documentary”

“I Was A Teenage Feminist”

Ms Magazine "4 Fascinating Films by Women"
Chicago Sun-Times "Filmmaker Looks for Meaning in the Other F-Word"
Chicago Reader "Wake-Up Calls: Reclaiming the F-Word"
Globe And Mail "Whatever Happened to the Ideals of Feminism?"
Toronto Star "Filmmaker Examines the State of the Feminist Revolution"
The Scope Surfing The Third Wave

“Shechter’s ability to teach, dismantle, expose and explore is remarkable. The audience is left with newfound knowledge with which they can criticize myths of virginity in our culture. However, the audience is also left with respect for everyone’s stories. When a documentary can do that, it succeeds in a big way.” 
Leigh Kolb, Bitch Flicks


“Tackles one of the last taboos in our culture’s discussion of sex – the deliberate decision not to participate in it.” 
J. Maureen Henderson,