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Selected Press

15 Films to Stream for Women’s History Month
Hello Giggles, March 2019

"Anatomy of a Film: I Was A Teenage Feminist"
Fernanda Rossi, The Independent Magazine, March 19, 2008

"Thirteen Ways of Looking at Sundance"
Erin Trahan, The Independent Magazine, January 23, 2008

DVD Watch: Four fascinating films by women
Ms. Magazine, Spring 2007

"Surfing the Third Wave"
Danielle Devereaux, The Scope, Oct 22, 2006

"Meet this month's CineGal Therese Shechter"
An interview with Cinewomen New York, March, 2006

"Is it too late to edit myself out of the film?"
Fernanda Rossi, The Independent Magazine, March 2005

"Filmmaker looks for meaning of other F-word"
Debra Pickett, Chicago Sun-Times, June 10, 2005

"Here Me Roar"
Jennifer Vanasco, The Chicago (Gay and Lesbian) Free Press
June 10, 2005

"Wake-up Calls: Reclaiming the F-Word"
Cara Jepsen, The Chicago Reader, June 9, 2005

"Whatever happened to the ideals of feminism?"
John Doyle, The Globe and Mail, March 8, 2005

"Filmmaker examines the state of feminist revolution"
Trish Crawford, Toronto Star, March 7, 2005

"I Was A Teenage Feminist"
Ann Pappert, The Linewaiter's Gazette, July 24, 2002

Selected Quotes

"This film should be a primer for every Women's Studies student, but it is so wise and lively that you should bring along your fathers, brothers and boyfriends, too."
St. John's International Women's Film Festival

"This film is evidence that feminism - whether second wave, third wave or no wave - hasn't ceased to be a vital, many-hued movement with something to offer women of any age."
Bitch Magazine

"Shechter starts her film by asking 'where the hell did feminism go?' Happily, she finds it - and her journey will make any disenchanted potential-Gloria breathe a sigh of relief."
Jennifer Baumgardner, co-author of
"Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism and the Future"

"One group of students made fliers with the dictionary definition of feminist accompanied by questions like "what's so scary about this?" and put them up all over campus! I'm struck by the way the film resonates with all generations of feminists."
Laura Micham, Duke University,
Sallie Bingham Center On Women's Lives

"The film's fresh approach is perfect for those who say, 'I'm not a feminist, but...' "
Alison Piepmeier, co-editor of "Catching a Wave: Reclaiming Feminism for the 21st Century"

"I Was A Teenage Feminist has the potential to reach a whole new generation.  The film speaks their language, rejecting preaching and dogma for clear-headed  and entertaining social inquiry - and a healthy dose of irony."
Paula Kamen, author of "Her Way: Women Redefine the Sexual Revolution"

"More proof that feminists do have a sense of humor. Therese has gone ape with us!"
The Guerilla Girls