All films produced and directed by Therese Shechter unless otherwise noted. Scroll down to watch full short films. Links are in bold.

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An in-progress documentary about choosing not to have kids in a society that makes motherhood feel mandatory.
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HOW TO LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY [Documentary Feature, 2013]

What if all we had to lose were our virginity myths? This hilarious, eye-opening and irreverent documentary explores why female virginity is still so valued in our hyper-sexualized society.
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I WAS A TEENAGE FEMINIST [Documentary Feature, 2005]

Why do progressive young women reject the F-Word? Armed with a video camera, an inquiring mind, and an irreverent sense of humor, filmmaker Therese Shechter crisscrosses both the continent and her own psyche to reconnect to the power feminism gave her as a teenager.
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HOW I LEARNED TO SPEAK TURKISH [Documentary Short 2006]

A woman's attempts to understand Turkish men, their language and psyche leads to a revealing– and hilarious–exploration of cultural cliches and the power of the male gaze.
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Womanly Perfection
[Animated Short Short 2003]
An examination of the nature of beauty and womanhood through the lens of fashion magazines.
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[Documentary Short 2013]
SlutWalk was a huge, global, grassroots anti-rape movement, and the 2011 SlutWalk NYC march was one of the largest feminist actions in New York history. The short documentary #slutwalknyc relives the event in all its empowering, shocking and controversial glory.
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Vinnie: I Break For Cycles
[Documentary Short 2015]
For the thousands of women who acquired a Vinnie’s Tampon Case in the early 2000s, its namesake seemed more myth than reality. In fact, not only does artist and provocateur Vinnie exist, he has a lot to say on why ignorance about periods is a feminist issue. Adapted from footage shot for the 2005 documentary I Was A Teenage Feminist.
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The End (A Love Story)
[Narrative Short 2010]
Breaking up is hard to do, especially if your ex is persistent. There's only one thing Lori can do: Say it with flowers. The film was shot in 16mm on a hand-cranked Bolex and hand cut on a Steenbeck. The music is from La Boheme: Mimi's 3rd-act aria Donde lieta uscì where she tells Rodolfo they should go their separate ways.
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Reproductive Justice Walking Tour
{Documentary Short 2014]
A walking tour about reproductive Justice in our history, our communities, and our lives. Produced by Words for Choice. Edited by Therese Shechter
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Second Puberty
[Trailer for the Kickstarter campaign, 2015]
The Wonderful World of Boning, the home of "sex ed with a sense of humor," is creating a forthright, funny, old-school sex ed video to guide viewers through the process of 'Second Puberty."That's what we call the physical and emotional transition that trans/non-binary individuals experience if they opt to undergo hormone therapy replacement (HRT). Shot and directed by Therese Shechter. Produced by Lux Alptraum. Written by and Starring Lux Alptraum and Ashley Lauren Rogers.
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